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Coming Up with Intriguing Undergraduate Criminology Dissertation Ideas

The first step in writing a great undergraduate dissertation in criminology is coming up with an intriguing idea. Many students struggle with this first step because they often don’t know where to go about developing something original or they aren’t confident about the ideas they develop. The following are some techniques by writing assistance that you can try when you need to create an undergraduate criminology dissertation idea for your project, as well as a list of some original ideas we’ve developed that you might want to explore further or use as your own:

How to Come Up with Some Great Undergraduate Dissertation Ideas in Criminology

  1. Read your course syllabus and check for both required and recommended readings you might want to explore further. This will help you save some valuable time on your project because you can use the bibliographies in these readings.
  2. Because criminology is such a national issue, you can usually find some really good stories by reading current affair journals or watching the nightly national news on television. The topics discussed will likely be hot-button issues with lots of current resources.
  3. Brainstorm ideas with your classmates and friends. Sometimes our best ideas come from regular everyday discussion. Encourage your friends to take sides on a topic and consider oppositional viewpoints until you come up with an intriguing idea worth exploring.
A List of Intriguing Undergraduate Criminology Dissertation Ideas
  1. A Comparative Study of Domestic Violence and Victimology
    Analyze different cases of domestic violence and create a list of the different personality types of people most likely to become victims of domestic violence.
  2. Understanding How the Internet Affects the Increase of Suicide Pacts in Teens
    What role has the internet had in the way teenagers interact with friends and acquaintances that consider or have considered committing suicide?
  3. Analyzing the causes and rates of arsons in private and public schools
    Do students in one type of school tend to commit arson at a higher rate than the other? What does this say about the prevalent culture in these two different types of schools?
  4. Probation services and their effect on reoffending rates in the United States
    In the early 2000s, the Bush Administration pushed stricter probation services aimed to keep serious offenders off the streets. How have these affected non-violent offenders?
  5. Anti-Terrorist Laws in the United States post 9/11
    How have the counter-terrorist laws that allow Homeland Security to screen and profile potential threats to the U.S. violate human rights for citizens of Muslim decent?